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Forge of Honor for family fun

Ready to play with your children today
Ready to play with your children today
Forge of Honor

Last summer, the company that developed colorful plush swords, pillow shields and Targimals ran their Kickstarter campaign to get the funding to get their inventive, imaginable, fun-filled toys to market. Finally, after months of designing the toys and meeting with the manufacturer, and awaiting approval in U.S. Customs, Forge of Honor Toys & Tales has finally arrived to the warehouse! The products will be shipped to Kickstarters this week and will soon be available for purchase!

The company is so excited to introduce their toys to boys and girls with vivid imaginations that will take them here and there on adventures that will never be forgotten! The organization believes that the arrival of the Forge of Honor Toys & Tales is a major milestone worth celebrating, so they are throwing a launch party at their brand new toy store

During the launch-time celebration, Forge of Honor is offering a 10% discount on everything for a limited time. All people have to do is logon, shop and before they check out, enter the special code honorforall14. This will not only help people save, but give parents the incentive to release their children’s imaginations with a quality toy that doubles as a pillow and nighttime protector for children.

Along with the launch, Forge of Honor also introduced a new character to their product line. The character is based on Kickstarter demand. The new character’s name is Patterrann and she is a pink and purple unicorn/Pegasus/dolphin. Patterrann was devised during the initial campaign when supporters were given the opportunity to color-swap Targimals once certain funding levels were achieved.

The Targimal that triumphed was Patterrann, Sugarloaf’s double. In fact the character became so wildly popular that the decision was made to add her permanently to the Targimal family. If you would like to learn more about the story behind this character, you can read more HERE.

Forge of Honor has also designed some cool toy tags. Read more about why Forge of Honor decided to do that by going to: Making product tags as fun as our toys.

It is such a great responsibility to be a parent; one that molds and shapes the lives of future human leaders. There is not a better gift to offer your children than the ability to use their imaginations while helping them to get rid of things that go bump in the night.

By offering them a one-and-done product solution, Forge of Honor will go far in the marketplace! Look for the Forge of Honor toys in stores by you. They will soon be flying off the shelves, so get there early!

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