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Forever Evil #7 and other titles get pushed back

Good bye Nightwing.
Good bye Nightwing.

I'm sure you have all been reading the DC crossover event, Forever Evil. Forever Evil started in September 2013. Along with Forever Evil there is Forever Evil : A.R.G.U.S. and Forever Evil: Arkham War. The Justice is missing and assumed dead. Crime Syndicate from Earth-3 come to Earth to take over and make it their new home. Members of the Crime Syndicate are Ultaman, Superwoman, Owlman, Johnny Quick, and Power Ring. Villains from Prime Earth who aren't welling to join Crime Syndicate, join Lex Luther and creating the Injustice League.
You can get the first 6 issues of Forever Evil at your local comic book store now, but you will be waiting a bit on issues #7. It was marked to come out the week of March 26th, but has been pushed back 2 months! Forever Evil isn't the only title to get pushed back. Justice League #30 has been pushed back until May 21st and Nightwing #30, the final issue, has been pushed back until May 28th. They have yet to give us a reason of why these titles have been pushed back, but this give us all time to catch up and reread. Hang in there guys and go grieve over Nightwing.