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Forever 21 launches new Artist Series collection celebrating the 80s

Forever 21 Artist Series

We've been seeing a lot of 80s influences in our fashion from bib overalls (or denim jumpers or whatever they're called now) to boxy oversized jackets. For those of us who were teenagers of the 80s we're somewhere caught between a love hate relationship with the resurgence of past trends. We love the fringe and the slouchy super easy and comfy pants but hate the crop tops (just because we're too old to wear them now!) and high waisted mom jeans. But alas, the 80s are back and our children are embracing the trend like it's the newest thing this side of...whatever's cool these days.

Forever 21 is bringing the look of the 80s and some history to its stores with the new Forever 21 Artist Series. The Forever 21 Artist Series collection unites fashion and street art and hit stores this past Friday, May 23 and is also available for purchase online as well.

The Forever 21 Artist Series is an exclusive line for both men and women that celebrate street culture (remember graffiti and tagging?) through the works of Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Keith Haring rose to fame in the late 80s as an artist and social activist whose work responded to the New York City street culture of the 1980s. His contemporary pop art and graffiti is immediately recognizable and was prolific in bringing attention to the plight of AIDS, sexuality, crime and the overall street culture that was prevalent in the 80s in NY. Jean-Michel Basquiat best known as being part of SAMO (Same Old $h** ), a graffiti tag that was used by him, Al Diaz and Shannon Dawson as part of poetic sarcasm that in its own way was a way of thumbing down corporate America. Jean-Michel Basquiat though was more than SAMO. He was also an iconic painter who embrace the primitivist style of painting that he eventually became famous for.

Now Forever 21 brings these two distinct NY artists to in its iconic collection. The collection will feature t-shirts, swimsuits, crop tops, bandeaus, skirts and more with both of these artists imagery. As great as this collection is, the collection also serves as a history lesson and a view into the past showing today's youth that the 80s were more than just neon clothes, spandex and big hair. The collection starts with a price tag of $6.80 for a Keith Haring Bandeau up to $13.80 for a Jean-Michel Basquiat T-Rex Tank.

To view the entire collection click here for the Keith Haring collection and here for the Jean-Michel Basquiat collection. Locally, Forever 21 is located inside of Eastland Mall on Green River Rd. in Evansville, IN. To find a Forever 21 nearest you visit Forever 21 at In the Evansville, IN store just ask for Ashley M. or any of the other associates for assistance in finding this iconic collection.

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