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Forest Service to revise licensing form for Woodsy Owl symbol

“Hoooo” should be able to use the Woodsy Owl symbol for commercial use? The U.S. Forest Service (USFS) is once again asking for public comment on the information it collects from those who would use its official symbol. USFS is required to revise the information collection form periodically.

Authorization for the current application expires June 30 and needs renewal, USFS announced on Wednesday, March 26.

Under the Woodsy Owl-Smokey Bear Act of 1974, USFS can license Woodsy, its official symbol, for commercial use. Woodsy represents environmental conservation. Licensing includes the official slogans “Give a Hoot, Don't Pollute'' and ``Lend a Hand, Care for the Land.''

Woodsy' mission statement is “to help young children discover the natural world and join in life-
long actions to care for that world.”

Officially-sanctioned private companies pay royalty fees to USFS. Such use can include putting Woodsy's picture on “T-shirts, mugs, pins, figurines, ornaments, stickers and toys and using the image and/or slogan of the icon in motion pictures, documentaries, TV, magazines and books and other for-profit paper products,” the agency explains.

Licensees may include for-profit or non-profit corporations or individuals. USFS gets about 10 applications per year. It estimates it takes about half an hour to provide the information, including the types of products, projected royalty fees, etc.

USFS is taking comments until May 27. Send them to

For historical background, see the stories linked to below.

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