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Forest Lane Cruise Reunion To Relive GOOD OLD DAYS!

2nd Year for Forest Lane Cruise Reunion expected to be larger and better!
2nd Year for Forest Lane Cruise Reunion expected to be larger and better!

Cruising isn’t as popular like it once was in the 60’s and 70’s. Things change and life goes on … but this Saturday evening June 9th things will go back to the past in Dallas when the 2012 Forest Lane Cruise Reunion takes place.

The classic 1973 George Lucas film ‘American Graffiti’ summarizes what cruising was about and hot cars was one of the main attractions. During the heyday of cruising, Michigan had Woodward Avenue, Southern California had Van Nuys Blvd and Dallas had Forest Lane. Forest Lane is a perfectly straight six lane road with plenty of traffic lights (for impromptu racing) that runs through the heart of North Dallas and it was the place to be for young gearheads on Friday and Saturday nights in the late 60’s all the way up to the early 80’s. The cruising would be centered near Forest Lane and Marsh Road, and ran to the east to Inwood Road and to the west to Cromwell Drive. Back in its prime, there would be thousands of cars driving back and forth on this stretch of road endlessly from dusk until the early morning hours of the next day each Friday and Saturday night. Large gatherings would congregate at various parking lots along Forest and move depending on the mood of the tenants and police. The original attraction had to be a row of 10-15 fast food restaurants that lined the north side of Forest just west of Marsh. But soon those businesses found that having young people hang out in the parking lot of their restaurants had a negative effect on their sales so the group would be forced to move week to week to other nearby parking lots until they would be forced to move again. The city even installed ‘No U Turn’ signs up and down Forest Lane to discourage cruisers to no avail.

It is those young cruisers who will unite once again this Saturday evening on Forest Lane. This time they are older and many of them have continued to be gearheads, and you can expect to see them bring their toys out to play! Last year, the first reunion took place and was very successful so this year’s looks to be even bigger. With a website at and other internet driven social media support groups, it can’t do anything but get larger! If you have a cool car, gas it up and drive it down Forest Lane this Saturday night and remember the GOOD OLD DAYS!