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Forest for the trees – inner focus

Forest for the trees - inner focus
Forest for the trees - inner focus
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How many times have we all been caught up in the details of our work or just in life in general? Most of us would say frequently with a rueful smile. Life seems to require so much more focus and attention these days, in our digital world of instant messaging, emails, and all the juggling they require us to do every day. Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to keep ahead of things, we forget to stop and reorient ourselves as to what is really important and what is not. We all know how hard it is to keep our inner focus when everything and everyone outside ourselves seems to keep pulling our focus outwards. It can take an almost superhuman effort to finally remember that we are souls walking around in bodies, not so much bodies walking around that have souls. Just as our bodies require a certain amount of regular maintenance, so do our real selves – those precious inner beings that are the real “us”. Shutting off the outer stimuli is always challenging, but just as we feed and care for our external bodies, we need to remember to care for our inner spirit as well.

Taking care of both our outer and inner selves can be a delicate balancing act. Short of isolating ourselves completely, which is not always practical in our day to day lives, we need to find little oases within each day to which we can retreat as needed. With some ingenuity and rescheduling of our daily agendas, it can be done. Setting up a specific time and place each day for quiet reflection and meditation, and making sure those around us are aware not to disturb us during that time, will allow us to keep the best part of us centered and focused. Once this becomes a habit, we may find it becomes an integral part of our lives. As we continue to work on our inner focus, we may find that our external activities are more focused and that we spend less of our time chasing focused on details and more of our time accomplishing we really need to.

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