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Foreshadow in media and culture

Escapism is the main purpose of media and has been for a long time. People want to forget about their own lives for a moment, a day or in some lives for days, that they escape into the ear buds, the little box, the big screen and every other device that they can't relate, bond or recover because they are connected. In a new book called "Foreshadow, the story of media and culture," the author takes us into a life of input and output of the mind of a person who is connected and monitored from the cradle to the grave and living in New York City around 2023 to the time of his 90th birthday in 2103.

Mind and heart monitoring

"They entered into a world connected to devices that were placed in the back of his tiny head," the author begins. Inward played symphonies of Mozart and Brahms, the music of requiem masses and overtures, filled his little brain. Meanwhile the tiny brain gave output of images, paintings and photos, words and stories, messages from the creator that surprised the scientists in the delivery room. Unfiltered and poetic photos of his entry and of the time he spent at sea." The input wires brought equations and history, the great works, and philosophy and the prayers of Apostles, that went before." Imagine and understand that there is a lot going on in a young life, in development in that sea; connected to an umbilical chord." This according to the writer R.A. Paul.

Ins and outs of communication

"The child's grandfather read the readings. He was hardly surprised when he saw what was in his grandson's mind. He had experienced, and caught glimpses of this relationship with God, and a communication he could hardly explain. In his 65 years, he remembered the foreshadowing of September 11, 2001 in a dream. He watched and sang to people who were dying who were about to enter in to heaven, and he listened as they relived key moments in their lives. Since 2013 he dedicated a life to studying media, the interactive, the passive, and the escapism, and the deeper meanings of media and culture. The theory was ridiculed by scientists and journalists and that actually gave more credibility to his theory. So here he was, Grandfather, writer, former anchor, theologian and social scientist measuring the ins and outs of communication."

Theory of words and minds

The theory is that every life that is developed has a purpose and a calling and that there may be an understanding in that before humans enter a violent, noising and distorted world. Paul writes, "Could we be monitoring the wrong things when a baby comes into the world? What if we could monitor the thoughts, the messages that this young life is bringing in? Most babies go from a peaceful sea, and come into a violent world, filled with distractions and oriented into entertainment and diversion, and everything that baby learned in the womb is forgotten and wiped out for a "message from our sponsor." It is a form of mind control and in this world we started to lose entire generations in the culture war. Just then he realized he had dozed off for a while. He looked up to see his new grandson in the arms of his daughter in law Ashley and his son Ezra. It brought back the memory of Ezra's birth and how each generation has done things differently. His regret is that how due to work and fear, he had let his wife Gina down and in the process had failed to bond with Ezra. Then he thought back to his own birth. His father, at a bar down the block, waiting for the news of his birth.

The new audio book series "Foreshadow" will be airing on Truli Media this fall. It takes place a decade from now and follows the life of National Broadcast Service anchor RA Paul and the ramifications of a story he did on "The damaging effects on humans from Media and The Culture War."

The guitar riff begins... The singer starts:

Messages brought, creation is taught in a new borns cry... (Creation groans and sighs)

Love can be caught. Air time bought. Don't just walk by- give it a try...

Four to floor, long before you were born

Foreshadow of the pages lost and now have been torn

from the book of life... the book of life...


There's a platform built on generational guilt

yet it goes much deeper than the surface of meaning

It's the classic case, names and faces

Beyond Martha's cleaning

and work to be done...

At the feet of, by the feet of, the joyous son .

Four to floor, long before you were born

Foreshadow of the pages lost and now have been torn

from the book of life... the book of life...

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