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Foreign Surveillance Court renews metadata collection

It came late Friday that data collection was reinstated for ninety days by the secretive Foreign Surveillance Court which had approved thirty-six data collections over seven years, according to a Reuter’s report late Friday posted on the Business Insider online.

It is the administration’s view and prerogative to continue telephone metadata collection and it is considered lawful from the findings of the Foreign Surveillance Court as well as with recent holdings of the United States District Court for the Souther District of New York and Southern District of California.

The Department of Justice has filed an appeal of the lone contrary decision issued by the United States District Court for the District of Columbia.

Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, said in the news release today that phone data collection applied to the entire metadata collection program. No other details about the data collection were released in the short memo.

The latest order covered all companies from which metadata had been collected under recent previous court authorizations.

News the National Security Agency can track the telephone calls of Americans by collecting metadata of who they contact and when, was one of the main revelations by former spy agency contractor Edward Snowden last year that set off public debate and began court law suits against the NSA.

Clapper's office said that U.S. intelligence agencies were ‘open to modifications’ to the metadata collection program that ‘would provide additional privacy and civil liberty protections while still maintaining its operational benefits.’

The Dept. of Justice filed on Friday an appeal to the Federal Court District Judge Leon ruling that the data collection was illegal and unconstitutional.

Obama is expected to produce his own recommendations for reforms or changes in U.S. electronic surveillance later this month after reviewing the 46 recommendations that he received from an independent committee of six individuals based in government and law.

To view more information about the federal rulings, Obama administration review of metadata collection and privacy issues in debate, please view the Author's selection listed. The video attached to this article has a review of the metadata collection procedure and storage.

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