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Foreign service professionals want better qualified ambassadors

Obama appointing diplomats
Obama appointing diplomats

Foreign service professionals want better qualified ambassadors “Foreign Service group” demands better qualified diplomats. This analyst enjoys the theme, calling for better qualified representation in all aspects of government. In fact, American voters are grossly delinquent in selecting and electing persons with superior qualifications for office in all levels of government. It only follows that professionals working in the State Department would want highly credentialed leaders.

In the week in which Shirley Temple Black died, it is a sad commentary to point out that America has a history of appointing the rich and famous without regard for their complete credential assessment. It is sort of a political reward program instead of being based on superior qualifications.

Even appointing Jon Huntsman was a political disappointment. He spoke fluent Chinese, yes. But, his academic record was extremely weak. His power came from inheriting billions from his wealthy father, not from what he accomplished on merit. That became apparent under scrutiny when he ran for President.

So, conservative Republicans and Fox News had better tread lightly on the subject because their record isn’t any better than Democrats.

Who are complaining? The American Foreign Service Association is the organization identified by Fox News. They believe that Obama is making too many political appointments.

On that, this analyst agrees. For instance, Kathleen Sebelius was a disaster as HHS Secretary. That was political and without due diligence.

“Fox News describes it as “a revolt in the ranks,” whereby some

Revolt in the ranks: Foreign Service group demands better qualified diplomats

Published February 14, 2014

After a string of rocky confirmation hearings for President Obama's diplomatic nominees, the group representing America's Foreign Service professionals signaled Friday that it's had enough.
The organization, in a major rebuke, is now urging that the White House set minimum qualification standards for its ambassadorial nominees.

"The topic of the qualifications of ambassadorial nominees is of great interest to AFSA's membership," The American Foreign Service Association said in a statement. "All Americans have a vested interest in ensuring that we have the most effective leaders and managers of U.S. embassies and missions advancing U.S. interests around the globe."

The American Foreign Service Association has long argued that ambassadorial nominees should, for the most part, come from the ranks of career professionals -- as opposed to the ranks of top-dollar political donors. But the organization is taking its concerns to a new level, announcing Friday that it will propose new guidelines for "the necessary qualifications and qualities" for diplomatic candidates.
The statement said the group has been "closely monitoring" recent confirmation hearings.”

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