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Foreign Policy Disaster

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When sabers rattle in the wake of the downed Malaysian jetliner MH17 cooler heads must prevail. One might conclude that this was just like out of the script from the movie "The Sum Of All Fears." A similar scenario could very well be in play at this very moment. Where life imitates art and in this case a very deadly game of intrigue is already afoot.

When all sides in the Ukrainian conflict deny any involvement in this most despicable atrocity we could very well conclude that a third party is responsible, has a lot more to gain latter on, and could be positing themselves to capitalize on increasing tensions between Russia and the US. Let's not forget the violent aggression whether it is Israel or Hamas both are instigators of horrific violent atrocities against their very own citizens. Coincidence, that in two separate regions whether in the Ukraine or in Israel already a powder keg of violent reprisals has set in motion a chain of events that could very well set the whole world ablaze?

Already in Washington the hawks are chaffing at the bit to bring those responsible to justice. They seem to care not about the repercussions of further escalation that armed forces thrust into the equation would bring to the world. We have to remember that much of history has been written by the blood that is spilled. Do we dare write another chapter penned in the blood of the innocent? Or do we continue to be the warmonger that has only intensified the continued violent struggle of mankind?

As sobering those questions are the realities of today have already scripted a new page of history written in the blood of so many innocent lives. With the pervasive rational in Washington mostly by the Republicans and even Presidential contenders have positioned themselves in favor of continued posturing of economic sanctions against those who we deem responsible for the continued armed aggression. Those in Washington have also continued to employ economic sanctions on certain countries development of nuclear power whether or not it would be used for weaponry. Meanwhile the innocent victims continue to languish in depravation just because of our insistence that nuclear power must be contained.

There is no doubt that the world sits precariously close to falling into a cataclysm of disaster. Where man has only intensified the growing inequality leaving multitudes so impoverished that the only recourse is violent overthrow of their oppressors. Where self determination is lost in the shuffle of power struggles to dominate the peoples will of their own self determination. We must remember who are we to dictate or force self determination on a country. With so many insurgencies now within our own country it is pretty obvious that for the US to dictate or try to force a doctrine of similar qualities on to a country that clearly is capable of maintaining their status-quo has always proved disastrous.

With events unfolding half a world away in the Ukraine and in Israel we continue to assert a foreign policy that clearly intensifies the hostilities that have erupted on to the world stage. There can be no greater disservice to the prospect of peace and prosperity through-out the world than what has been a colossal failure right here in the United States. We have failed to implement a plan of action that would create a foreign policy that would generate not antagonism but cooperation between all nations.

Until we right this ship of state the United States will continue a foreign policy that is perceived by other nations as an assertion for some to gain more power, control and wealth. Meanwhile, millions the world over will be left to face the consequences of a foreign policy that has only continued to leave desolation, and a very bleak future for far too many. Today, in light of these recent violent acts of terror, the continued assault on innocent lives all over the world whether in the Ukraine, Israel, Syria or anywhere else man has imposed terror in the hearts of others the United States must reassess it's foreign policies and resist the temptation to go into any situation with guns blazing.


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