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Foreign investors inflate U.S. property prices, another bubble feared

new housing
new housing
Joe Mabel [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

A real estate buying frenzy among foreign investors are pushing U.S. property prices higher, fueling fears of an impending bubble in some states, various reports noted.

A Breitbart report noted that purchases from wealthy Chinese buyers are pushing California’s real estate prices up, which could lead to a second housing bubble.

“The result is pricing many California residents out of the real estate market, and creating a second housing bubble that threatens to end just as badly as the 2006-2008 housing crash, from which the state's economy is only beginning to recover,” the report stated.

The report revealed that valuations in Santa Monica, for instance, have soared to $1,000 per square foot from just $600, according to the report. Rents in San Francisco meanwhile are also surging.

Breitbart sees the activity among Chinese buyers as a means for them to hedge against losses from China’s slowed economic growth.

A report also noted that New York City apartment prices are up due to Chinese and Russian buyers. Chinese investors, however, have recently overtaken Russia’s super-rich after activities from the latter simmered down. Russia’s moneyed elites started piling on NYC real estate during the recent Ukraine crisis, according to Voice of America.

Buyers from China, Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico and India are gobbling up US real estate properties, accounting for 54 percent of transactions that translated into over $92.2 billion, according to National Association of Realtor’s (NAR) 2014 Profile of International Home Buying Activity.

Canadian property buyers topped the list of foreign investors, accounting for 19 percent of real estate purchases. Chinese investors, however, led the purchases in terms of dollar volume, with $22 billion under their belt.

Chinese buyers account for 16 percent of the purchases, up by four percent from 2013.

Mexico ranked third in property transactions, ringing up nine percent of the sales. India and the United Kingdom accounted for five percent of the sales.

NAR stated that foreign buyer’s purchases are concentrated in Florida, California, Arizona and Texas.

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