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'Foreign' humor at the Riverfront Playhouse

Starting this Friday the 17th and playing thru February 22nd at the Riverfront Playhouse in Aurora is British Playwright David Freeman's A Bedfull of Foreigners.

A Bedfull of Foreigners is a comedy about two British couples that are on two separate holidays in a richly historical town in France. They happen upon the town while in the midst of a traditional French event called the "Festival of Saint Wolfgang." All hotels are booked for the occasion except for one, and in that hotel just one vacant room -- mistakenly given to both couples.

Craziness ensues almost immediately in this play as the two couples are thrown into a situation that they cannot avoid, which is sharing a one-bed room. To stir up the pot even more, one of the tourist couples are not husband and wife, but husband and mistress, and the adulterating couple are soon surprised by the man's wife who joins them on the holiday at the last minute.

This fast-paced, pun-intended, deadpan-witted British comedy is full of laughs and surprises, like a Bulgarian lady-cyclist, a sticking wardrobe door, a ritual burning, and an exiled German hotel manager.

The Riverfront Playhouse was founded in 1978 by David Morris as a creative outlet for local amateur actors to come together and produce live plays for the Aurora community.

Morris and his fellow thespians had originally performed their shows in the back room of Max's All-American Bar, which shared the same building where the Riverfront Playhouse exists today, which is the Water Street Mall. When the bar proved to be too small for the cast and crew (relying on the back exit of the building as "backstage"), they refurnished a space in the same building.

Tickets for upcoming showings of A Bedfull of Foreigners are $17 for adults and $15 for students and seniors. The Riverfront Playhouse is located at 13 South Water Street in Aurora. For more information call 630-897-9496 or visit

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