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Foreclosure vs family pet


There are not any figures to estimate the number of animals being abandoned across America due to the hard economic times, but animal shelters and rescues are finding themselves inundated with new arrivals every day. But those pets are the lucky ones.  Times are tight, and the family pet is usually the first to go with the struggle to keep up with the bills. Local authorities are finding an increase of animals being found abandoned in foreclosed homes.
But abandonment is never the answer. In fact, there is a chance that state animal cruelty laws can apply. Many animals who abandoned in homes simply do not survive. It can be weeks or months before a bank or a mortgage company comes into to survey the home. Animals cannot survive that long without food and water.
It’s a tough place for families to find themselves. But, there are answers. Find housing that will accept animals, check with local veterinarians to ask for low-cost boarding, check with neighbors, family and friends to see if anyone is willing to foster your animal for you. You can contact local rescues to see if they can help you find a place for your pet. There are many rescues willing to help you rehome your pet. As a last resort take your animal to the local shelter. But abandoning your family pet is never an option.
Below are some contacts to help you relocate you animal:


  • bjcasrdogkillers 4 years ago

    BJCAS came into my area to pick up stray dogs and targeted family pets.One little Red dog that goes by the name Buddy was found by my Mother with his arm stuck through an imbeded flea collar walking around on 3 legs earlier this year on Hillview by Cor-X.
    I let him out of the fence to run around and stretch himself out while I was washing my car but he never came home because BJCAS took him.He also has a friend named Squirt that got put in jail right along with him.
    Let me tell you a story about Squirt.Squirt is 13 years old(Fixed) and has never bitten anyone(matter of fact hes spent his whole life running along side kids at play as if he were watching over them),never tore up the garbage and the worst he's ever done is lay in his front yard and be fed by everyone on my street because his owners didnt care to take an aging old chow mix when they moved(But they took their 2 brand new Aussie Shep puppies).
    BJCAS wont break a sweat going after STRAYS...they would much rather tresspass onto your property,snatch your pet out of your yard and make you pay to get them out of jail.BJCAS woke my Mother up pulling my lab mix out of our basement through the burglar bar door about 5 years ago and a cop witnessed it(I guess they got to take her because she didnt have a leash on in my basement).This has to stop...I cant afford to get either dog out of jail and they will more than likely be euthanized.Whats the point in having BJCAS if they dont go after strays that dont have anybody to take care of them?My dogs have someone,wait..they HAD someone that fed them,let them come in when it was very Hot or cold,got their shots , frontline on time and was fed and watered daily.I dont have the money to get them out and I dont get paid for another two weeks.THANKS BJCAS for targeting family pets in these hard economic times when their owners do good just to keep up with vet bills and feed.Thanks BJCAS for KILLING my dog and his best friend Squirt for no reason.By the way...the strays that were roaming,the same strays you prolly got called to come get...they are still here roaming.