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Forecasts from the G20 summit as seen in horary astrology.


Upon reading about the G20 meeting in Korea the question came up what it means and what the outcome or outcomes will be. A horary astrological chart was made today, November 11th in Albuquerque, NM at 4:03 PM MST to get an answer. The following is what the chart has to say.

The Ascendent was at 00:37 Taurus and the Moon was at 00:Aquarius. This says that the G20 meeting is being held prematurely and it is too soon to accomplish anything meaningful. Venus is the ruler of the Ascendent and she is retrograde in Libra in the 6th house. This says that the outlook is one of distress. Venus is retrograde, thus weak and vulnerable, and she is in Via Combust Way, a fiery section of the sky that renders a planet there ineffectual. This means that the outlook, or the aim of the meeting is under stress, and is weak and ineffectual.

The 2nd and 3rd house cusps are both in Gemini tying the near future to the 3rd house of talks and comings and goings. Talks will have to continue beyond the current meeting. Mercury is the ruler of the 2nd and 3rd houses. Mercury is in the 8th house of international finances and financial debts. It is too soon to resolve the financial situation in light of debts. The US is being accused of moving to start an economic war. The stakes are high. More talks will be necessary.

Mercury is at 4:26 Sagittarius. The lunar north node is at 4:57 Capricorn. Whenever a planet is in the exact same degree as the lunar node it says an upset is about to happen, to put it mildly. Mercury ruling the 2nd house of the near future and 3rd house of talks coming to exactly the same degree as the north node and the north node being in the 9th house of foreign trade says that the upset involves talks in the near future being disrupted by issues tied to international trade. A trade war is being threatened. The chart, however, shows no war. Agreements will sooner or later will have to be made to avoid chaos.

The Moon at 00 degrees Aquarius says that everything now stands at a threshhold, or brink. The members of the G20 are entering uncharted waters. It is too early to determine anything.

The Moon forms nine aspects denoting lots of shilly shallying. The Moon is besieged between Pluto and Neptune. This says that the action is inhibited and limited; it is held in abeyance by untoward forces and is threatened by both open and clandestine enmity. The G20 meeting is being held by people in a dangerous mood.

The Moon's aspects are as follows: parallel the Sun; sextile Mercury; sextile Mars; trine Saturn; parallel Neptune; parallel Venus retrograde; square the Sun; conjunction Neptune; trine Venus retrograde. Six of the Moon's aspects are good. This helps avoid the worst. The Moon sextile Mars wants to act quickly, but the Moon trine to Saturn says that it will be wiser to slow down. More time will be required if anything constructive is be accomplished. The Moon's final aspect is trine a very weak Venus retrograde in the 6th house and in Via Combust Way. The activity will come to making an agreeing to back off on some of the key issues as this is actually a bad time. Moon trine a seriously weakened Venus sues for peace at any price. Who is selling out to whom now? Have you noticed?

The cusp of the 4th house of the end of the matter is in Cancer. The Moon rules Cancer. The Moon is in the 10th house at 00 degrees Aquarius and is forming a large number of aspects including the trine to a very weak and vitiated Venus. This says the the end of the matter involves getting just about nowhere except making a weak show of sheepishly backing off on crucial issues. Either that or the peace sought will come at a terrible price to the US.

The Moon is coming to square the Sun. This shows an intention to break through somehow. The Sun is at 19 degrees Scorpio. At 19 degrees Scorpio we have the malefic star Serpentis. Serpentis is the most malefic star in the heavens. The devil is in the work. Forcing matters now, if it were to happen, would bring dire consequences and developments that the members of this G20 will not be able to handle without considerable harm to them all. It is very dangerous.

Pluto is the planet right behind the Moon. The Moon's distance from Pluto indicates that the current situation is connected to events that happened three months ago and that these events were of a complicated nature related to groups involved in international trade. The US is in a very awkward position in relation to China. Don't expect it to clear up anytime soon. Pluto behind the Moon and Neptune in front of the Moon says that one bad turn will lead to another. We're in a pickle, in other words, and the is G20 meeting can't fix it. Whatever these people do will make for more confusion. The Moon facing Neptune assures us that they may come out of this meeting, however, with grandiose claims of pie in the sky and false reports to keep us and the rest of the world in the dark. If any steps are taken they will be tenuous at best. Moon's last aspect trine a vitiated and ineffectual Venus says someone, guess who, will probably sue for peace at a price rather than push an agenda that threatens to bring the world, including the US, into a worse crisis than it already is in. We can hope for that.

To shed additional light on the current matter a Chinese horary chart (King Wen method) was cast. It says that the meeting is taking place in a discordant time and under discordant conditions that will weaken the entire matter at hand and lead to a failure. This may be taken as a good sign, all things considered. The near future of the matter is discordant. In the long run the matter will die. To put it another way, those who have pie in the sky don't see the rain that is coming to put out their camp fire. The wisdom offered to the deaf is to exercise caution when using power.

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