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Snow Day 2010
Snow Day 2010
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Having grown up in San Antonio and spent  a good portion of my adulthood in Austin, I can verify that people in both cities took what the weatherman predicted with a grain of salt.  It was more accurate to ask Aunt Bessie what her arthritic knee was saying about the weather than to tune into the 10 o'clock forecast.

But here in the Metroplex, just the opposite is true. What the forecasters on the four local channels is so accurate, you could take it to the bank. If they say to expect thunderstorms on Thursday, sure enough you'll hear the rumbles and the sky will darken. Three days ago they warned of a rare snow event. Today it is here!

Beautiful as it is to see the world blanketed in white fluff, it was also just as wonderful to be able to cancel meetings in advance and allow everyone time to get the word out. It saved time, headaches and possible fender benders.

Maybe it is the topography that allows them to make such spot on predictions. Maybe it is the expertise and the equipment. Whatever it is, hats off to our local TV weather teams for keeping us so accurately informed.

Now I have time to go build a snowman.  Or not.