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Ford set to reintroduce Fiesta to Japan February 1

Fiesta is a perfect fit for Japan's narrow streets.
Fiesta is a perfect fit for Japan's narrow streets.
AP/Koji Sashara

Ford has decided to buck the odds by reintroducing the Fiesta to Japan, despite stiff competition from native car makers, and allegations of “trade barriers and currency manipulations” by the Japanese government in favor of Toyota and Mazda, etc. In fact, only 13,000 of the 1.6 million vehicles sold in Japan last year were American made (with a third of those from Ford).

Although Fiesta is considered to be one of the most popular Ford models, selling more than 720,000 annually worldwide, the company had pulled them from the Japanese market after selling just under 3,000 there from 2004-2007.

The new model, priced at 2.29 million yen ($22,900) was unveiled at a popular Tokyo Café yesterday by Japan Ford President Toshio Morita who touted its new “kinetic” design and “more efficient engine.”

“As you can see, America isn’t all about muscle cars,” he stated while showing off the candy-blue car. “The Fiesta will manuever Japan’s narrow streets, and at this size, it is a great car for female drivers too,” he continued.

Note: Other Ford cars now marketed in Japan include Mustang and Focus.