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Ford's 2015 police interceptors are poised to uphold the law

En route to greater public protection
En route to greater public protection

The innovation that defines Ford required the creation of its own laws; laws that set the standard for service and quality in the automobile industry since the beginning of the 20th century.

However, Ford is now vesting its effort in upholding an axiom as timeless as the company’s standard for excellence itself: the enforcement of the law.

Henry Day Ford, a local Salt Lake City dealership, is a microcosm of Ford’s investment in community benefit. With numerous donations to local charities, the dealership is excited to oversee further inroads to public assistance and community safety through the 2015 Police Interceptor models.

The new police interceptors, which come in Utility, Legacy and Sedan models, are made to protect and serve officers to the same degree that officers are trained to serve and protect civilians. Gaining larger percentage of the police cruiser market since 2013, Ford will likely earn an even greater share of the market with these new models.

With the 2015 police interceptors passing 75-MPH rear-crash tests, the vehicles’ toughness upholds Ford’s “Built Ford Tough” slogan with unparalleled sincerity.

The uncompromising structural integrity of these vehicles is bolstered by their safety cells, which help guide the force of any collisions around the driver’s various compartments, significantly reducing the impact force on drivers. The vehicle’s frame, crafted with boron steel, is more durable than current police cruisers’.

Level III Ballistic Door Panels add an additional level of safety to the vehicles. These door panels are manufactured by the BLS and comply fully with Level III specifications of the National Institute of Justice Standard.

Additionally, the Safety Canopy System deploys curtain-like side airbags for passenger and driver protection alike, should the vehicle rollover.

Even with an occupant’s head leaning toward the window, these canopies will inflate and save lives in the event of an otherwise catastrophic crash.

Despite the difficulty and danger of upholding the law to protect civilians, these revolutionary contributions to law enforcement will ensure police officers’ safety in pursuit of justice, and Henry Day Ford is proud to be Utah’s representation of the company that offers such crucial protection.

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