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Ford mustang battery light

Dear Barbara,

What is causing the battery light on my 2003 Ford Mustang's dash to come on and off several times while driving? I have replaced the plug wire assembly at the rear of the alternator as I heard that Ford Motor Company has a recall on several models of vehicles with this problem. The battery isn't losing voltage as this happens nor are the headlights going dim. I get a reading of 14.3 volt.

I put in a new tensioner and belt and tightened the connector to the fuse box and still none of this helped. Do you think I should crawl under the dash and look for the problem?



Dear Damon,

Since the plug is already new on the back I would think the alternator could be the problem. Keep in mind even though it is still charging the output inside the alternator that tells the light to stay out could be the problem. I would get your alternator checked.

Thanks for writing in,



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