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2014 Ford Fiesta Titanium: Poor man's Audi?

2014 Ford Fiesta Titanium: Euro luxury on a budget
2014 Ford Fiesta Titanium: Euro luxury on a budget
Ford U.S.A.

Is the Ford Fiesta Titanium a poor man's Audi? A strong case could be made. Its luxe standard equipment, amazingly smooth and quiet ride, leather interior, and sleek styling are not often qualities we associate with fuel-sipping sub-compacts. But they're baked into Ford's little wonder to set it apart in a class of one.

Ford got smart when it started offering its European cars to American customers. The Fiesta Titanium's DNA qualifies it as a "German" sedan while its high end equipment and luxe ride bring a premium feel to the sub compact class.

The Fiesta is available in two models, a hatch and a sedan that come in four flavors: the S, SE, Titanium, and ST. The first two ramp up in equipment levels to the top of the line Titanium. The Titanium is actually a small luxury car with its standard heated leather seats, 16 inch alloy wheels, chrome beltline trim, fog lights, Sony® brand stereo, MyFord Touch interface, cruise control, auto-dimming rear view mirror, and back up camera. The ST is a fire breathing sports model that's exciting reviewers, but that's the subject for another day.

Available in two body styles, the hatchback Fiesta obviously offers the most practicality, but the sedan's styling has a slippery look that's appealing with its new-for-2014 Aston Martin grille.

Reviewers typically criticize the Fiesta Titanium's limited back seat legroom, but offer high praise for its smooth, quiet ride and luxury touches. It's priced at $18,300 with manual trans and comes loaded, the only options being an automatic transmission, smoker's package, sub woofer, navigation system, and a moon roof.

The Fiesta's 120 horsepower, 16 valve, 1.6 liter, four cylinder engine gives it a rating of 27 City and 38 Highway M.P.G.

For anyone who's skeptical of the harsh ride, high prices, and style quotient of a MINI Cooper or wants a lower profile look than Fiat's 500, the Ford Fiesta Titanium offers a smooth, fun, agile drive with amenities that until quite recently, were unavailable in its price class. Definitely worth a look for anyone wanting a practical economy car with flair, comfort and luxury. It's a perfect car for crowded big cities with its small size affording easy parking and agile handling, while its comfortable ride and upscale features are on hand to ease harried drivers.

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