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Fort Bend Brewing introduces Primer Pale Ale

Fort Bend Primer Pale Ale
Bryan Carey

Fort Bend Brewing, the Missouri City craft brewing operation known for its signature assortment of styles, is about to add another beer to the lineup.

The new beer is called Fort Bend Primer Pale Ale and it’s the brewery’s first full- time annual release in some time. Weighing in at 5.2 percent alcohol by volume, Fort Bend Primer Pale Ale is a more evenly- balanced beer; less bitter than other pale ale and less citrus- enhanced than other examples of the style.

Fort Bend Brewing describes this new beer as follows:

“Every fire needs a catalyst; a primer of sorts. We believe this to be the right beer for the job. Not too dark, not too light--evenly balanced with just the right amount of hops and a smooth clean finish. Get your fire started.”

Fort Bend Primer Pale Ale will also feature another distinction: Its packaging. The long- neck PakTech holder will replace the traditional cardboard 6- pack carton used by most every other brewer in the land. It is ultimately better because it weighs less than the cardboard carton, costs less to manufacture, produces less waste, and is easily recycled. Fort Bend Brewing will be the first brewery in the state to use Pack Tech holders and who knows? It could spark a trend, given all of its benefits.

Fort Bend Brewing Primer Pale Ale has already been introduced at local festivals and has been well- received. Look for it in Houston area stores, taverns, and bars starting this week.

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