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See also: named Detroit "Most Miserable City" ?

Everyone don't agree that Detroit is the most miserable city.
Everyone don't agree that Detroit is the most miserable city.
Aaron Lee Fineman-Newscom

Detroit,MI-According to a recent News magazine published by Forbes, Detroit is named the 'Most Miserable City'. This addition of the magazine gained it's recognition on a newstand located in Detroit Metropolitian Airport.

The airport has since asked that the publisher remove the magazine, citing it brings a negative light on the city. Forbes defend the headline on the cover as,"not meant it to be harmful."

According to the poll, Detroit was named # 1. The site's analysis recognized the drop in the crime rate compared to that of two-years ago. "Although violent crime in the Detroit metro area was down 5 percent in 2011, it remains the highest in the country with 1,052 violent crimes per 100,000 people,according to the FBI."

Since the appointment of the new EM, Detroit has been under greater scrutiny. Not all of it's residents is in agreement with the appointment. 75 Protesters met yesterday on the 11 floor of the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, wanting to speak with Mayor Dave Bing and Emergency Manager, Kevyn Orr. But the officials declined to meet.

The group stayed for approxiately an hour waiting.

Rev. Charles Williams II, president of the National Action Network's Michigan chapter insist that Mayor Bing has, "sold out the the city of Detroit." The protesters pledged to regularly stage unannounced demonstrations across the city.

The demontrator's view the Emergency Manager takeover as a violation of voting rights of the majority-black city.


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