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For you to be treated like a Queen, he deserves to be treated like a King.

Finding a Royal Love
Finding a Royal Love

How many times have you heard a single lady say that she wants to be treated like a Queen? Have you said those words yourself? In all honesty, are you really deserving of being treated like one if you are not willing to treat him like a King? How many broken relationships must you endure until you realize you will only catch a 10 by behaving like a 10 yourself? When will you learn how women that are treated like Queens behave? What is it that they do? For starters, they actually believe in the character of the man they love. They can visualize these thoughts when they look at him:

I'll treat you like a King

Your spirit makes my soul sing.You deserve to be respected, honored, adored. Like a loyal warrior, I'll stand by you as if with a sword.You're the kind of man who mesmerizes a room when you arrive.You've got fire inside, it's upon strength that you thrive.Only want to support you & help you be all you were destined to be.It's heavenly reward that you share your kisses with me.Your gaze ignites deep fires of passion and trust.I'd stay in your arms forever, never want to lose your touch.Swept away by your waves of character & vision.I'll treat you like a King, that's a heartfelt mission.Your voice is like Barry's, combined with James Earl Jones.No music is sweeter & I love to bring out your moans.Hold me tighter, you don't ever have to let go.You rock my world, just have to let you know.My caresses are here to soothe you & send you back to life's ring.You're just simply amazing, what other praises can I sing?

Still shaking your head in disbelief? Well, I have to ask you something. If you haven't treated your men like this, could that be the reason why you don't have one? Doing the same thing will leave you with the same result. If you haven't been put on your own throne yet, maybe you still need to do some work on yourself. When you love yourself, you are then capable of loving others. If you become a Queen, you will attract a King. True story.