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For Today Only, Google Glass Can Be Purchased, Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

For those wanting to own a Google Glass pair, today is your lucky day.

Available for 24 Hours Only, Google Glass Is On Sale Today, Tuesday, April 15th

Today, and only today, Tuesday, the 15th of April, 2014, all US residents with a verifiable US shipping address can purchase the Google Glass Explorer Edition -- for the usual price of $1500.

One merely has to navigate towards the order page on Google to select your pair. Buyers get to choose color, frame accessory, and shade -- which all come with the package.

Of course, additional accessories -- carrying case, earbuds, charging kit -- are accompanied with additional prices. And those with corrective prescription lenses will have to purchase those lenses for Google Glass separately.

After submitting your order, Google will thenceforth ship your pair of Google Glass to your mailing address within 5 to 7 business days.

Only occurring today -- Tuesday -- the sale (which began around 6AM Pacific Time) will last for 24 hours. Google, which is headquartered in the California city of Mountain View, has said today's special is the first time the Glass is offered to folks in the US with no special invitation required.

However, should the $1500 prove too costly for one's consumer tastes, then there is always the option to wait a while. Google has stated that a less-expensive version with different features is set to be launched later this year.

Still, if you hanker to be an early adopter of Google Glass, you can place your order by clicking here.

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