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For those young at heart

Have you thought about packing up your belongings and going on a six-month vacation in your camping vehicle? Have you thought about going on a trip to Europe, specifically Greece? Have you ever thought about creating a life on both continents? Have you made plans in regards to the use of time in your golden years? Are you preparing to be financially secure for your retirement? Jaime and Cheryl from Los Angeles have done just that. I understand that when you are twenty or thirty something, you don’t care about retirement, BUT read on baby boomers, yuppies, and the like. “Yes, I was once twenty and I was quite impertinent. I believed that retirement was for grey haired old men and women. This “development” called retirement would never happen to me,” stated Jaime and Cheryl.

I am now looking forward to this “development.” A trip to Greece is interesting. A visit to other countries is a way of enjoying the different cultures. “Living in another continent is an engaging thought. Plumbing, electrical, and gardening problems brought into the mix can be even more challenging in a foreign environment. The thought of speedy travel to Vienna, Hong Kong or Copenhagen would be available as a connection, depending on the country where residence is. Traveling a few hours away or less for each destination, the new retirement villa would be a sensational experience. The travel time would be equivalent to flying to San Francisco or Chicago for the weekend. Or have you ever thought about purchasing a camper? This could be a venture for a six-month trip researching the United States?

Youth is wasted on the young, but if we have the fortitude and intelligence to realize what our older generation has, we can hang onto our youth through your retirement. “We need to think about our future financial status and interests. A retirement counselor is equipped to answer pertinent questions about future finances. Retirement pension funds can be sufficient investments. I understand, though, that they are only ample to cover living expenses so additional financial investments are quite necessary. We also need to remember to relish our time. Not all senior citizens kick back in their rockers, but there are productive senior citizens just like twenty and thirty something citizens hope to be. Planning to work part time also supplements our income” state Jaime and Cheryl.

I have no expert knowledge for twenty or thirty something young adults. I do have age and personal experience on my side even if I don’t have grey hair. I also am fully aware that we need to enjoy every day we have without illness or injuries. As we get older, more physical impairments preclude us from doing what we need to accomplish. If we are physically well and financially happy and secure, we can remain young at heart for forever? Almost.

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