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For those keeping score on current politics...

This is where we stand. We're governed by a president, who tries as much as possible to be a dictator, who blatantly stole the last election that he should have lost, and has engaged in a course of public policy, supported by low-information voters, that is reducing our country to second-world status and bankruptcy our economy and our government, and he is supported by a Democrat Party that has invested it own future in helping him manage the decline of this once great country. Our opposition party, the Republican Party, is a panty-waisted pathetic party of sissy-frisses who won't do anything to oppose the destruction of our country because they are so sickly afraid of being disliked by the alleged swing voters and anyone else that has criticized them.

The current politics of Obama and the Republicans
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We have a president in office who abused the authority of the IRS to target and harass citizens who oppose the way he is destroying this country and his policies that are single-handedly preventing an economic recovery that would happen otherwise. This president failed to do his job on the night of September 11, 2012 while four Americans and others needlessly died in Benghazi, Libya, then he blatantly lied to cover his incompetence about it by blaming it on a video that no one had ever seen. He still hasn't accounted for where he was and what he was doing while he ignored what happened for more than seven hours that night. And what is the sycophant liberal media obsessed with? Allegations that Chris Christie caused traffic to back up on the George Washington Bridge in New York City.

The liberal media is obsessed with destroying Chris Christie over bridge-gate after they've spent years building him up as the next inevitable winner of the 2016 GOP nomination for president. The liberal media was building up Christie for 2016 for one simple reason, so they could help nominate a losing GOP candidate that would dutifully lose to Hillary the way Mitt Romney made sure he did his job in 2012 to lose to Barack Obama. Now Christie is damaged goods and the liberal media has no use for him.

The absence of Christie from the 2016 race might not only mean the liberal Republicans are without a viable candidate, as Dick Morris has suggested, but it might also lead to the GOP choosing a candidate who can actually win, like Rand Paul or Ted Cruz. It might actually lead to the GOP nominating a candidate who stands for the people, the Country Class, and their interests over the liberal establishment in Washington D.C. and the interests of the Ruling Class and their one-percent friends on Wall Street. A candidate of Main Street, such as Rand Paul or Ted Cruz, might actually represent the GOP this next election and beat Hillary or Andrew Cuomo or whoever is nominating as the Democrat nominee by the far left.

Those of you on the far left that think ObamaCare is working, be sure to run on that issue and advise your candidates to run on that issue in 2014, and let us know how that works out for you when dozens of liberal Democrats lose their reelection bids. As millions more lose their health insurance plans, millions more realize, because they can't ignore it, that this president blatantly and knowingly lied to them when he told the Great Promise, and LIE, about ObamaCare allowing them to keep their doctor and keep their plan. It was a lie and this president knew it, and persisted in repeating that lie dozens of times between 2009 and 2013.

If more voters, including the low-information voters, would wake up and see reality rather than the fantasy unreality “reported” and fabricated by the liberal media, this president would have about a 25 percent approval rating at best and the public would be demanding that Republicans grow some cajones and impeach this corrupt and lying president. Half the Republicans in Congress, how are no better than liberal Democrats, would be defeated in primaries by real conservatives as well. But this only happens when more wake up and see reality for what it is. Those who already living in Realville aren't holding our breath waiting for others to wake up.

The next betrayal of the American people may come if Republicans in the House allow the amnesty bill to pass, legalizing tens of millions of illegal aliens. Democrats like this because they think it will gain them millions of new undocumented Democrat voters and RINO Republicans love it because it gets them cheap labor for their big business friends on Wall Street. The rest of us on Main Street get shafted when we legalize all those illegal aliens at public expense.

If amnesty is passed in Congress, it will destroy the Republican Party, who will deserve their defeat for having sold out, and they might well be replaced by a new citizens party. That might be the only way that the people take back this country from the Ruling Class and their far left friends in Washington D.C.

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