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For the love of macarons

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The most coveted delicacy in Paris. A one-of-a-kind, smooth rolling Rolls Royce for the mouth, type of indulgence. A round, yet fluffy hard-shell with a light, creamy frosting center. The ideal breakfast treat. A perfect Valentine’s Day gift for lovers. So, what is it? A French macaron.

The French macaron was first created in the bakeshops of France, but rumor has it they were first whipped up in Italy and traveled to France when Catherine de’Medici married a Frenchman. The macaron, at this point, was one solid cookie with no filling.

It was not until the 20th century that pastry chef, Pierre Desfontaines, decided to combine two cookies and fill with a flavored ganache, which is the French macaron dessert-lovers enjoy currently.

The main ingredients of a French macaron include egg whites, ground almonds and sugar. Bake time could take up to five hours.

“Well, you can't rush perfection, if you do, you end up baking for another five hours,” said Patisserie 46 Catering Coordinator Mandy Heathcote. “We make a lot of macarons at once so we can focus on other production as well.”

Today, the French macarons come in a variety of different flavors; chocolate, strawberry, pistachio, salted caramel, orange, lemon, mint, vanilla, coffee, praline and many more.

For those who are mad about macarons, there are many bakeries in the Twin Cities that specialize in such a fancy French tradition. Patisserie 46 located off Grand Avenue in Minneapolis offers a wide variety of French macarons, and even the option to order a macaron tower.

“Dark Chocolate is probably our best seller,” said Heathcote. Patisserie 46 has been recognized for their exceptional and exquisite offerings in the New York Times, City Pages and Minnesota Monthly.

Valentines Day is right around the corner and Patisserie 46 is prepared for those macaron maniacs.

“We will be doing specialty macarons for Valentines day; Raspberry rose, as well as a few other of our favorites, dark chocolate, vanilla milk chocolate, espresso and pistachio,” said Heathcote.

For further information, or to place a Valentine’s Day order, sweet lovers can visit Patisserie 46 online,, or stop in for a taste at the corner of 46th and Grand Avenue in Minneapolis.