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For the love of boxing

Sparring in the Ring
Denis Berman

After every boxing class, the athlete leaves the ring with ambitions outside the gym. According to Tai-Chi instructor Terry Popovich at Golden Gloves Fitness, exercising allows better blood circulation to your brain. In consequence, it leads the athlete to come up with more creative thoughts about their sport of choice and how to advance in it. Indeed, it is never enough when it comes to advancement in sports. Ultimately, goals and milestones must be accomplished to keep an individual interested in a sport. However, sports are always beyond just training. Boxers and other athletes alike have their own habits and interests when it comes to discussing their sport. At Golden Gloves, most boxers have a list of mentors that inspire them to succeed in their sport. The most popular athletes at our gym are the following: Muhhamed Ali, Floyd Mayweather, Costya Tszuyu, and Manny Pacquio.

After a class, we reflect on our favorite athletes as mentors and use them as an example of how they became champions. Why not come up with you own list of mentors that will motivate you to pursue your beloved sport? At night time, athletes enjoy reminiscing about their inspiring champions and use them as examples to succeed. Over a course of few months, you will begin to notice that your list changes from time to time. That is normal because you chose the mentors that you need to succeed and use them as an example.

Just as it goes for you own list of champions, write down all the positive influences and negative ones that you come about when training for a sport and work on improving the good ones and eliminating the bad ones. Ask yourself, what keeps me from advancing to the next level? And when you have figured out the answer, write out the question and the response right away. Doing so allows you not to forget your goals and advance to the next level. The most consistent concern has been at our gym actually is the bad habit of eating out rather than preparing food at home. What keeps you from achieving the next goal?

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