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For the love of accessories: Tips on wearing jewelry

My love for accessorizing started when I was in college and honestly at the time I really care about fashion or accessories. While in college, I noticed that I could literally clutch and play with my pearls during my presentations and I wouldn't get counted off on my project grade. It was at that moment that pearls became my best friends. Also wearing and playing with pearls during my speaking engagements keep me from fumbling over my words. So I guess I can honestly say that I learned how to use pearls to dress up any outfit in college. However as a kid, I have to admit my grandmother's accessories did catch my eye a time or two.

Jewelry pieces for day and night wear.
CEO of Just Pearlz showing off her jewelry and accessories in latest photo shoot
Radiant Sparks

Here are our two cents on jewelry:

  • For a person with little or no fashion sense, I suggest basic vintage pieces. I love vintage jewelry for beginners. Wearing vintage accessories tend to be less work for beginners and it doesn't require the headache of attempting to match the jewelry pieces. Vintage jewelry matches any outfit. Just put it on and magic appears.
  • For more of a classier or a look for night time, I suggest gold jewelry or a strand of pearls. More of the choker type pearls.
  • For a casual or daytime look, I suggest beaded or silver jewelry.
  • For formal events, I always choose statement pieces.
  • For those of you that feel the urge to be a jewelry connoisseur, remember to wear ten or more accessories all at the same time. It's sounds difficult but some people live by wearing a lot of jewelry.

If for some reason you are totally against the idea of wearing jewelry, remember to live it up with a simple pair of earring or a nice hair accessory.

After seeing the jewelry and accessory tips above, what type of jewelry person are you?

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