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For the kids: Superstitions on how to get a snow day

Winter is a time for snow days, for children that is.. Anyway this is for the kids, who are trying to get a snow day tomorrow or who are waiting to get one on that groggy Monday morning! So here are some things that could help that if you believe in superstitions that is:

  • Throw ice cubes out the window.
  • If you put a penny under your pillow that might help.
  • Some say to sleep not with a penny but with a spoon under your pillow.
  • Wear your pajamas backwards and inside out.
  • If you yell 'snow day' in your freezer that could be one way to get that snow day according to the web.
  • Do a snow dance!
  • Not only throwing ice cubes out the window, but some superstitions say to flush the cubes down the toilet.
  • Put a spoon in the freezer.
  • Guess if you eat ice cream for supper that helps your chances.

So parents if you are wondering why the ice cubes are missing or your child is yelling in the freezer, well here are your reasons.

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