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For the Goats it was “A little bit of this, a little bit of that” in Home Opener

It could be that kind of year again.  We'll see.
Jeff Gross/Getty Images

As this examiner walked out of the Apartment (it’s what I’ll be calling the HDC this season) last night to the tune of a Michelle Branch and Carlos Santana duet blaring over the PA, I took a few seconds to pay attention to the words following the 3-0 loss to the Columbus Crew.

A little bit of laughs, a little bit of pain

When isn’t attending a Chivas USA match a little bit of A and B?

Try and use me for what I'm good for

As supporters (what few of us remain it seems) we did our jobs honorably. Yet the team keeps playing like there is no one to play for. Contrary to what people say, there are fans there rooting them on. "Feed off our energy". But the message still doesn’t get to them.

Why don't you come around no more?

No, literally. Why don’t you come around to the supporters and say hello? Afraid we might rip you a new one for starting this “New Era” the same way the old era ended?

I'm dying outside the door of your loving store.

Give us something to be hopeful for. It seemed there was some teasing there in the 1st half as the team kept a clean sheet. And even some teases in the 2nd half where passes were being connected. Too bad every shot went over the bar.

I'm out here on my own

Everyone is predicting doomsday for the Goats after last night’s 3-0 loss. Looks like it’s up to the faithful few left on the island to keep the torches lit. 33 more matches to go. Still time to get the season started on the right foot. Because if it was too late to get the season started on the right foot, then it would also be Doomsday for DC United (2-0 loss with an own goal), Seattle Sounders (1-0 loss at home to Montreal), Colorado Rapids, (1-0 loss with a GK error), Philadelphia Union (3-1 loss at home with 3 unanswered goals), and Toronto FC (1-0 loss on the road in Vancouver). And since it’s not apparently Doomsday for those teams despite their Season Opening results, then it’s not Doomsday for the Goats.

At least not yet.

Tune in next week (Sunday, March 10th, 2pm on UniMas) as FC Dallas comes to the Apartment as the quest to begin the season on the right foot continues.


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