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For the best BBQ beef ribs, head to Big Rack's

Big Rack's at the corner of Highway 26 and Bass Pro Drive.
Big Rack's at the corner of Highway 26 and Bass Pro Drive.
Photo; J. Watkins

Not too many barbecue joints out there typically offer beef ribs. Apparently they haven’t caught on quite as much as spare and baby back ribs (both of which are pork ribs). When you finally find a place that serves beef ribs you can’t always count on having a tasty experience. So what’s one to do when you’re looking to try this barbecue delight?

I’ve written once before about a placed called Big Rack’s BBQ and Sports Grill, in Grapevine. My experiences at Big Rack’s always end the same. I leave stuffed with some of the best barbecue ever. Big Rack’s, located at the intersection of Bass Pro Drive and highway 26 in Grapevine, is in a building that originally was one of those corporate barbecue places. Big Rack’s offers quite a bit of entrees on their menu, as well as a moderately priced weekday lunch menu. More specifically, under the ribs category on the menu is a particular option that isn’t on many other barbecue menus. Three magical words that bump them up to the top of my list, beef short ribs.

On Friday’s, after 4pm, and on weekends Big Rack’s offers these beef ribs. However, if you intend on getting some these massive been staves, get there early. Big Rack’s only smokes up a limited amount of these beef ribs a day, and when the last one leaves the kitchen that’s it for the day.

If you get there in time and feel like a true barbecue experience, then I strongly suggest you get the beef ribs. A beef short rib plate comes with a ‘3-by-3’ beef short rib (three short ribs connected to each other with enough beef to shame a steak house t-bone), and your choice of two sides.

The beef short ribs themselves are true barbecue delights. They have a smoky dark outer bark and one bite will overwhelm your senses with tender, juicy, smoky beef. Cutting a cross section of the beef reveals the red smoke ring, which only occurs when real wood smoke interacts with the meat letting you know that your ribs actually saw a smoker and not the inside of a industrial oven.

Big Rack’s also has an abundant selection of side dishes to complement all of their barbecue. You can’t go wrong with the Texas BBQ beans. Take your standard barbecue beans and add the perfect blend of sweet and spicy and you’ll likely finish them off after the first taste. The coleslaw is also another great choice. Small bits of apple chopped up and mixed in give it a nice touch. If you’re looking for a real treat I suggest the honey cream corn. Whole corn kernels mixed together with the perfect blend of cream and honey. One bite and I’m hooked and end up finishing the small bowl before anything else. If you’re an onion ring lover then try their beer battered onion rings. After going for a dip in the fryer, they finish them up on the grill. I have yet to try a side dish that didn’t go great with the main dish.

If you’re not lucky enough to make it in time for these beef ribs, there are many other great choices to satisfy your barbecue craving. The beef brisket is always a good choice, as is the whole hog sandwich, and as always the pork spare ribs will definitely get the job done.

Big Rack’s has yet to disappoint with their barbecue, and each time I try something new I’m greatly rewarded with a new barbecue favorite. The next time you’re doing some shopping at Grapevine Mills, or the Bass Pro Shop, or if you’re just looking to find some great barbecue, then head over to Big Rack’s and prepare to be amazed!


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