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For that Mayberry flavor try Centifonti's in La Mesa in June

On one oven baked day in early June, Noah Tafolla introduced me to a world apart. I’m talking the village in La Mesa and specifically I’m talking about Centifontis at 8635 La Mesa Blvd.

For the flavor of Italy in La Mesa try it you'll like it
Everybody loves it at Centifonti's in La Mesa

This could be a review of a fine Italian dining establishment, or an article about the city and its people, or an article about a chocolatier who opened their business decades ago yet who still uses the recipes for chocolates that the Grandpa used over in Italy. Or as Noah said on one of his TV shows, it’s a story about a place that reminds us of Mayberry N.C. in the 1950s.

Of course this is June and in the USA June is sports galore! I mean if you’d like to watch a crack at historic horse racing; the MLB draft; MLB drive for the pennant when all teams theoretically are still in the hunt for October; NBA champions; The US Open; NHL resolving the Stanley Cup issues or NCAA action it’s all happening in June. The question is where to watch the action?

Nancy and I went into the village looking for some breakfast and remembering Noah’s words of wisdom, we went to the heart of the village to eat a hearty breakfast at Centifonti’s Bar & Grill. Never a more welcoming hearth have we stepped across. From the moment we entered we were welcomed to a busy little universe of warmth radiating from servers and owners alike.

The menu showed a very full list of all things good to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner. A look around revealed show cases for those who love candy or baked goodies. And over there is the bar with TVs along many of the walls providing for sports buffs to satisfy their various addictions.

When we arrived, the four TV screens we could see were all tuned to the same programming and being from Italy they were tuned to Mexico vs. Cameroon in the FIFA World Cup soccer match. By the time we finished the fans at the bar had managed to engage their server nicely enough that they were able to watch a little tennis action leading to Rafael Nadal capturing the French Open honors.

I could look at this place and know that I’d surely be back to catch a few Padres close ones, and maybe catch a little Aztec action on the TVs hanging on all the walls and partake of the atmosphere and the food along with my libations.

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