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Now that the primaries are over the battles for elected offices are just heating up. Candidates on both sides are poised to unleash a barrage of TV adds that really have become so intrusive to the point that makes watching any program leaves one with a migraine headache. A right of passage for any political wannabe that has loads of now so indispensable cash to flood the airways with rhetoric that basically tells the viewer absolutely nothing. But, just try to win any political office today without a slew of campaign TV adds. The hard cold reality today is campaign adds have become so expensive that so many political office seekers are left in the dust just because of the lack of funding.

When money plays such an enormous factor in the struggle to gain elected office opens the door for corruption. Gone are the elements of reform that would enable the voter to gain any forward momentum in their effort to achieve a better quality of life. With this Congressional campaign season already upon us the media and television are now loaded with those so called indispensable, but so obtrusive, and obnoxious advertisements about some political candidates wrong doing. It seems the United States is in a perpetual state of political posturing just to get people elected whether they are qualified or not. Every one of these political adds today completely ignores the plight of the majority of Americans who continue to wallow in a continued state of economic limbo.

The type of political advertisement in today's culture only focuses upon other candidates inadequacies. This, instead of addressing how if elected they will ease the financial, economic, social, and international crisis that the United States is currently facing. What we have today is a valid indication that the people who are either incumbents or candidates are too self absorbed with their own agendas. Instead of focusing attention on current situations that urgently need responses and solutions the advertisements sole function is to discredit the other candidate and waste money.

It would be so refreshing if just once a candidate actually had an advertisement that would educate their constituents on the issues that are of great concern and on the details of workable solutions that would vastly improve everyone's quality of life. A candidate who genuinely promoted a plan of direction for himself, his family, his neighborhood, his district, his state, his country, and the world. This type of individual advertising in elections today would actually produce results so that every citizen would benefit. But, sadly this is not evident anywhere in the media or by any candidate.

The enormous amount of money wasted on so much negativity could be used more effectively in providing vital information on issues that really need attention. When campaign advertisements only focus upon one entity, the criticism of others, instead of educating the public on solutions our whole society suffers leaving every citizen to languish in hopeless anxiety on what their future holds for them.

The whole concept of our electoral process is for the general public to elect the best qualified, knowledgeable, articulate, and persuasive individuals to represent them. This process by which individuals are elected today is amplified by the ease of mass media exposure. Unfortunately media exposure is so cost prohibitive that many of the best qualified individuals are often incapable of pursing public service. What further complicates the election process is that the atmosphere in today's political climate. Candidates are too often judged by the amount of funds that can be raised by any political office seeker. The current consensus is the more money one has the greater their chances of being elected. Money has become the biggest influence in any and all of today's elections. And, with this enormous amount of money flowing into campaign coffers does in fact make a mockery of our whole democratic process.

There has yet to be an authentic political add by any candidate that takes the high road and avoids the pitfalls that are currently taken by our incumbents or aspiring political public office seekers. Only when our political process reforms where the media is compelled to give free equal advertising to any qualified candidate one month prior to a primary and one month prior to the general election will the US begin to weed out the corruption that has become so embedded in our political process. Our political candidates have to stop promoting and producing advertisements that purposely criticizes other candidates and instead focus on issues and solutions. This would greatly benefit every voter and every American.

With the vast amount of funds continually pouring into select candidates coffers and the mass media being willing accomplices that only encourages more infusion of cash toward a political party or candidate we have seen the democratic process become obsolete. What we have instead is a ruling class by which our government is no longer a representative of the majority of the people but by a select wealthy few. To restore the balance in our democracy and flush out the corruption within campaign finance reform is paramount. When elections have become so expensive and the campaign season is almost in perpetual motion one has to wonder just how much longer can the United States have effective leadership let alone effective governess for the people. What we are seeing today is that no longer are the majority citizens being represented in a government that is supposed to be a government of the people and by the people. Today, the reality is a government of the 1% and for the 1%. A total betrayal of the people we entrusted to represent us is the harsh reality of today's democratic process.

To restore the democratic process to, we the people, it is essential that National Economic Reforms Ten Articles of Confederation be implemented. Only then will the United States have a stable, secure and equal representative government. A government of the people and for the people.