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For Sale by Owner: The difference from Facilitation vs. Representation

Tash Casso, MN Realtor member of the National Association of Realtors. To speak to an expert call Tash Casso at 763.569.5644.

The truth about for sale by owner properties

Looking for a real estate facilitator rather than a real estate representative (aka) a realtor? Thinking about going the for sale by owner route? Agents refer to these sellers as FSBO's. If you are not sold on the idea of paying commission to an agency for their services, here is another thought.

What is Exceptional Service?

Facilitation is the alternative to hiring an agency/agent. Learn the difference from representation vs. facilitation. But, whatever you do, don't fence yourself into trouble, call Tash Casso at 763.569.5644.

Thinking about listing your property on your own and without using a licensed realtor? This may seem like a good idea in the beginning and realtors understand the logic. There is no doubt that there are fees associated with listing, advertising, marketing,writing offers, recording transactions correctly and negotiating on the sellers behalf. However, there are a lot of things that can go wrong within a FSBO transaction!

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Did you know that more real estate transactions completed by FSBO sellers are recorded incorrectly? Some of the transactions don't have a clear title, meaning whoever purchased the property may not actually own it! Having a title cleared after the fact can cost more than it would have cost to hire a realtor in the first place. Before you decide to sale your home on your own, learn more call Tash Casso at 763.569.5644. Tash Casso, Edina Realty, MN licensed realtor.

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