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For Rock Hall’s Consideration: Kate Bush

In the late 1970s and on to the 1980s, Kate Bush brought an eclectic and surreal approach to pop music. Her music explored many musical genres including rock, pop, and classical, while the concept of her songs ranged from literary to taboo. And while mostly popular in her native UK, Bush would go on to influence countless artists worldwide, especially in America.

Bush released two albums in 1978. The first was The Kick Inside, which featured the signature hit “Wuthering Heights” (UK’s first-ever chart topper from a song self written by a female singer-songwriter). The second was Lionheart, which included the hit “Wow”, and would be belatedly released in 1984, around the same time Bush started appearing on the Billboard charts, starting with 1982’s The Dreaming.
In 1985, Bush hit the US top forty for the first time with the album Hounds of Love, which featured the hits “Running Up That Hill” and “Cloudbusting”. A year later, she had a hit duet with Peter Gabriel with the song “Don’t Give Up”. The year 1989 brought the album The Sensual World, which featured another signature tune, “This Woman’s Work”.

Beginning in the 1980s, Kate Bush’s influence in the world of music has been enormous. She is considered to be one of the greatest artists in the rock genres of progressive, art and alternative. Among the countless artists that have been influenced by her music includes Madonna, Kurt Cobain, Lady Gaga, Tupac Shakur, and Tori Amos. Her influence also spawned covers versions of her music, including those from Pat Benetar, Natalie Cole, and Maxwell.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Kate Bush, eligible since 2003.

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