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For nonprofit organizations on a budget

Non-profit organizations may want to try this on for size.
Non-profit organizations may want to try this on for size.
NonProfitEasy Website

NonProfitEasy, a leading database software solution, wants to announce its new tech startup that is helping small and mid-sized nonprofit organizations on a budget to be able to compete with the "big guys." As anyone in the business knows, there is a lot of paperwork (database management), coordination and logistic (events, donor engagements and fundraising) associated with running a nonprofit. NonProfitEasy uses affordable software to manage "all of it" - so nonprofits can get back to their passion without worrying about the humdrum every day ‘stuff’.

NonProfitEasy is able to bring this latest development to the nonprofit market due to a second round of angel financing. The announcement from the SoCo Nexus based company comes on the heels of NonProfitEasy becoming one of the most recommended database management software packages in the nonprofit sector. (To learn more, visit

"The logistics, paperwork, and infrastructure associated with running a nonprofit is staggering," says Lomesh Shah, Founder of NonProfitEasy. "That’s why we created NonProfitEasy; to help nonprofits manage everything, so they can focus on the things they’re passionate about—not the paperwork. This investment came to us as a result of our relationship with SoCo Nexus (an innovation community that empowers growth-oriented businesses and startups throughout California’s Northern Bay Area. SoCo Nexus offers programs, services, and resources which include expandable and scalable offices, as well as manufacturing space, funding resources, educational opportunities, mentoring, and business connections.) and it is going to help NonProfitEasy accelerate the development and expansion of our software, to grow our services, helping us offer affordable, exceptionally competitive solutions that meet the needs of nonprofits across America."

As a three year veteran of the Rohnert Park community for growing companies, SoCo Nexus, Lomesh Shah now serves as a mentor to other companies located within the SoCo Nexus community. "When we started NonProfitEasy, we didn’t realize how much support we would get from the local business and investor community. Entrepreneurship is often a lonely road, but the opportunity to be part of SoCo Nexus was critical in providing that support, giving us access to investors and visionaries who have an appreciation for the role that entrepreneurs play in developing new ways of doing business. We wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for SoCo Nexus."

"Being able to collaborate on the fly with people who have already experienced the challenges of starting a new company is a huge benefit for us," said Shah. "It’s all about maximizing resources. Whether you are a nonprofit or fledgling entrepreneur, success takes ingenuity, collaboration, and shared vision. That’s what we get and give back through SoCo Nexus and it’s something that everyone involved with NonProfitEasy appreciates."

"SoCo Nexus is proud of our startups like NonProfitEasy. Helping them thrive and expand, shines a light on innovators and entrepreneurs here in the North Bay that are doing well, by doing good. They’re making the world a better place and we are proud to support and accelerate them," says Amee Sas, Executive Director of SoCo Nexus. (To learn more about SoCo Nexus visit

Things are definitely looking up in the nonprofit area. If you happen to be in the business, this is definitely worth checking out!

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