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For most women love makes sex better


The issue of whether or not love makes sex better for women has been a very controversial one. According to a sociologist
love and commitment have the power to make sex physically more satisfying for many women reported Science Daily on Aug. 19, 2014. It appears being in love with a sexual partner makes sex more pleasurable for most women.

Clearly, the benefits of being in love with a sexual partner are far more than simply emotional. Aside from feeling sex is more pleasurable with a sexual partner they love, many women have said they feel less inhibited and are more willing to explore their sexuality with such a partner. Love simply makes sex better for most women reported Penn State.

A Penn State sociologist did a series of interviews of heterosexual women who were between 20 and 68 years old. Most women with varied backgrounds said they felt love was needed for maximum satisfaction in both sexual relationships and in marriage. Beth Montemurro, associate professor of sociology, said many women shared the feeling that they connected love with sex. For these women love actually enhanced the physical experience of sex.

Montemurro said when women feel love they trust their partners more and they feel that it is acceptable to have sex when
they are in love. Although 50 women of the 95 who were interviewed conveyed the feeling that love was not necessary for sex, only 18 of these women unequivocally shared the belief that love was not necessary in a sexual relationship.

Montemurro says a connection between love and sex appears to manifest how women are socialized to see sex as an expression of love. It's true there has been decades of the women's rights movement coupled with an increased awareness of women's sexual desire. However, the media continues to share a strong cultural message for women to associate sex and love and not to look as positively on girls and women who have sexual relations outside of committed relationships.

Although the media may often seem to show that casual sex is acceptable, many movies and television often portray women who are having sex outside of relationships in a negative sense. Furthermore, although the media often portray marriage as being basically sexless, many participants in the study said that sex is a significant part of their marriage. Montemurro says most women who were interviewed share the feeling that love is needed in sex and sex is needed for marriage. It's encouraging to see that love and sex seem to be important for so many women.

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