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For Las Vegas Pet Owners, A New Type Of Veterinarian Has Arrived

Preventative care is without question accepted as being a crucial part of any human health and well being system, and any visit to the doctor is going to be filled with preventative medical aspects ranging from advice like quitting smoking and losing weight to regular vaccinations against viruses and routine checks of blood pressure, cancer screenings and prostate checks. Nobody questions going to the doctor for a routine physical as being a bad thing. Everyone agrees that it is better to prevent the disease than to treat it once it has manifested itself. Now and for the first time, this same philosophy is being brought to the veterinary sciences, and a local Las Vegas veterinarian is leading the charge.

Dr. Mark Beerenstrauch is a favorite Las Vegas veterinarian for many residents. Affectionately known as Dr. B, he has been serving the Las Vegas pet population for more than ten years and providing treatments through some of the most popular veterinary clinics and animal hospitals. His dedication to helping pet owners have a better understanding of the well being and care of their animals went as far as to have him host his own radio show "Pet Talk With Dr. B" which ran for about a year on local Las Vegas radio and was completely funded from Dr. B's own savings. "I wanted to talk directly to the public about a better way of caring for animals, putting prevention of disease as the focus, instead of just treating maladies once they have already shown up," Dr. B said. "The radio show let me illustrate to the public a different type of veterinary science, one that prioritizes your pet not getting sick in the first place. This is the polar opposite of most veterinary clinics, who prioritize treating sick animals and not preventing illness. Treating them is more expensive than preventing illness, so naturally most veterinarians are going to downplay prevention."

The philosophy of Dr. B is eye opening to many, as they are not used to looking at the lifetime care of their pet in the same way that humans are cared for. "Even if they do not care about preventing disease in their pet, most people will understand the fact that it costs a lot less to get ongoing vaccinations and checkups than trying to pay for large surgeries and procedures that could have been avoided," Dr. B said. He is taking this philosophy directly to his patients with the opening of his new veterinary clinic Pet Health Hospital at 8520 West Desert Inn Road, and through the website for the clinic, where pet owners can find advice on how to care for their pets as well as information for pet owners that is specific to the Las Vegas area. This commitment to the prevention of disease in pets is at the core of the Pet Health Hospital experience, and pet owners are brought into the treatment and care of their pets through the exclusive "Canine Health" and "Feline Health" programs that Dr. B has constructed in order to guide pet parents over the course of their pet's lives. As Dr. B states in his introduction video "It is not just a cookie cutter guide of vaccines, but is a comprehensive and personalized plan for your pet."

Pet Health Hospital is taking this new approach to animal care with the opening of it's first location, and strives to prove that it is a philosophy that every Las Vegas veterinarian, as well as nationwide veterinarians, should learn from.

Information on Pet Health Hospital can be found on their website or by taking a tour of the facility, which can be arranged by calling 702-910-4500, or emailing

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