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For “Lana” third time at high kill shelter may be her last

Lana's third time at Devore shelter may be her last.
Lana's third time at Devore shelter may be her last.
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If the saying about cats having nine lives is true, Lana, who keeps showing up at Devore Shelter near San Bernardino, California, may soon or already be on thin ice.

For unknown reasons, the three-year old micro-chipped cat has apparently been trapped by someone and brought in to the shelter as a stray. Lana is clearly someone's pet, and rescuers suspect that her owner(s) are acting irresponsibly by allowing her to roam freely, into the hands and trap of person(s) who for whatever reason, keep returning her to the Devore shelter.

Unfortunately, this time, the shelter staff has designated her “medical waiver” meaning that her chances of adoption out to the general public are slim. It appears that her owners came to reclaim her in both previous instances, but are not returning this (third) time.

Lana has been at the shelter since July 24, and may have only one more day, or even just today (Aug. 4) to be picked up, rescued, or adopted.

What many fail to realize is that Devore Shelter operates on very limited funding and staff; animals who are unfortunate enough to be impounded here are all too often euthanized within four to six days depending on circumstances.

It is emphasized time and time again by rescuers in the community—the importance of keeping pets indoors, spaying and neutering pets, and micro-chipping. Sadly, in this instance, even with a micro-chip already embedded, it may be too late for Lana. Rescuers were sharing her story on Facebook, hoping for a last-minute reprieve.

It is hoped someone will come forward for her, if not her owner(s), someone with a sense of kindness and sympathy for Devore's countless and ever needy homeless pets. Last month was disastrous at Devore, a number of pets were euthanized, some even when rescues were apparently in planning.

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