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For crêpes sake

The French celebrate crêpes during the Feb. 2 celebration called la fête des chandelles
The French celebrate crêpes during the Feb. 2 celebration called la fête des chandelles
Emily Van Ort

Prosperity and sunshine sound like a great idea around now, right? The below average temperatures are starting to put people over the edge and bundling up to retrieve the mail is becoming more of a hassle day after day.

There is fun, crêpes and light at the end of the tunnel called la fête des chandelles, a French celebration of crêpes. On Feb. 2, the French gather in the evening to make crêpes with their families.

The circular shape of the crêpe signifies sunshine, with the coming of spring, and coins, meaning prosperity in the New Year. Often times, the French hold a crêpe pan in one hand, a coin in the other, and try to flip the crêpe without dropping the coin. If one successfully flips the crêpe and coin, luck and prosperity will follow throughout the year.

With la fête des chandelles quickly approaching, Minnesotans can find one of the best crêpes in town at La Belle Crêpe, located in the Medical Arts Building in downtown Minneapolis, to indulge in an authentic French tradition.

“It’s all about the fillings,” said Alain Lenne, the owner of La Belle Crêpe. “Our menu offers a huge selection of crêpes!” La Belle Crêpe specializes in a wide array of crêpes, including the newest addition to the menu, a chestnut cream crêpe.

“It’s almost like making a sandwich,” said Lenne. From savory crêpes to sweet crêpes, La Belle Crêpe can be sure to extinguish any cravings any customer may have. “I typically use a white flour because it is more flavorful, but I can substitute buckwheat for a more original French crêpe taste,” said Lenne.

Even though La Belle Crêpe’s menu changes every so often, Lenne can guarantee one thing, fresh food. “It’s always, always fresh.”

To escape this harsh winter for a little ounce of crêpe sunshine, Lenne urges Minnesotans to stop by La Belle Crêpe. He also adds one more reason to stop in, “We offer an espresso hot chocolate that can make your heart melt!”

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