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For christians everywhere,GRAMMY outrage is a self inflicted wound

Can gospel and Christian artists do without the GRAMMY Awards?
Can gospel and Christian artists do without the GRAMMY Awards?
Grammy Awards, NARAS

Even if you chose to skip viewing the 2014 Grammy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles, you no doubt heard about it. Almost none of it was positive if you are a believer or Gospel/Christian artist/fan. Sunday night you either saw or heard about a mass gay wedding and several performers seemed to conjure the evil one himself. As offensive and off-putting as the mass gay wedding was, you will NEVER hear or see a mass altar call at the GRAMMY's and rightfully so. Though there are categories that award gospel/christian music, it is a celebration of sales, not the Savior!

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If you know that what you're about to watch is going to upset you in any kind of way, you have thereby forfeited your right to complain and bewail that which you have voluntarily subjected yourself to! -Fred Willis, SoulProsper Radio

Notable causes are always peppered into the actual ceremony but as of late performers are either almost having sex or almost summoning Satan himself, right from center stage. What gives? You might ask. Others simply ask: "why keep watching?"

The gospel and christian music awards are handed out in the Pre-Show and there's little to no mention made afterward in the main ceremony, so why tune in? Well to be frank, there's nothing wrong with enjoying music and that's what the GRAMMY's used to be.

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The GRAMMYs' former self was a celebration of music from all over the world when Listeners learned about little known artists and musicians celebrated other musicians. Remember when Esperanza Spalding won "Best New Artist"? The whole world went to iTunes that night! That's what the GRAMMY's do.

Natalie Grant apparently touched off a media firestorm with her exit and ensuing tweet on Sunday.

For this cause, the Gospel Music Association Dove Awards and Stellar Gospel Music Awards exist. They have taken on the cause of celebrating gospel/christian artists and recognize the distinct nuance associated with music ministry and award artists accordingly.

Now, lest this article exist to be a kettle colored pot...

The father of a media correspondent who recently covered the Stellar Awards remarked that he was torn as to how to address the alluvion of homosexuals at many of the events. While this isn't an indictment on the Stellars, it is an indictment on the status of gospel music today!

As believers in Jesus, the first responsibility is to walk in Christ. Gospel music has its own issues (prevalent at its own award shows nonetheless) and would be better served digging out the plank in the collective eye of gospel music before making any attempt (though fervent they may be) to extract moat from the world's! -Fred Willis, SoulProsper Radio

Did you watch the GRAMMYs? What are your thoughts about the ceremony? Should gospel and Christian artists stop supporting the awards show? Share your thoughts below in the comments area or you can email Fred.

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