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For Ash Wednesday, call on Sen. Portman to remember the poor and jobless

Today is Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of Lent in the Christian tradition: 40 days of fasting and repentance. The prophet Isaiah makes clear what approach to fasting is pleasing to God:

Is this not the fast that I choose:
to loose the bonds of injustice,
to undo the thongs of the yoke,
to let the oppressed go free,
and to break every yoke?
It is not to share your bread with the hungry,
and bring the homeless poor into your house;
when you see the naked, to cover them,
And not to hide yourself from your own kin?
(Isaiah, Chapter 58)

Senator Rob Portman is a person of faith. Today would be a perfect day to remind him about the urgency of extending unemployment payments, and the importance of supporting federal job creation efforts (H.R. 1000).

Sen. Portman will have the opportunity to vote for unemployment payments when the U.S. Senate again holds a vote within a week. The last time, it was defeated by just one vote.

Please call or visit Senator Portman at 37 West Broad Street, Room 300. Or call his office at (614) 469-6774. The toll-free number in Ohio is 1-800-205-6446.

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