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For a healthy colon try a natural colon cleanse

Every now and then your body needs to be cleansed of all the nasty environmental toxins we ingest through the water supply, inhaled air pollution, processed foods, pesticides, herbicides, and all the other things out there we might not even know is poisoning our bodies.

The best colon cleanse would be an all natural natures best organic fruit and vegetable cleanse you concoct yourself at home.

By making your own cleanse using organic supplies you can be assured all is well and with in days of the cleanse if you continue to eat a healthier diet filled with nutritious fresh fruits and vegetables your overall health will most certainly make a turn for the better.

If done right you can slowly add green vegetables and fruits to your diet and start cleansing without even noticing much change except that you are suddenly feeling much better health wise.

If you decide to try a more radical approach and buy an over-the-counter colon cleanse, beware that you might be forcing your body to expel the toxins too fast through your system.

The problem with forcing your colon to cleanse rapidly is that the more toxins that come out at a time the sicker overall body feeling you will have.

Some of the effects could be excessive diarrhea, vomiting, severe stomach cramps and pain, tiredness and fatigue, dehydration among others.

Be sure to drink plenty of water and depending on your method check with your health care practitioner before you do a colon cleanse or any other major change in your health care regimen.

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