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For a beautiful mouth and fresh breath try Fresh-Tips, a must-have beauty item

Nothing is more of a turnoff than bad breath. Your beautiful pout might be alluring, but as he leans in for that passionate kiss, he doesn’t want to smell what you just ate.

This little gadget from Fresh-Tips cleanses the teeth and freshens the breath in a lollipop format.

According to a bad breath report in "Scientific American," most adults occasionally have bad breath and approximately 25 percent worldwide suffer from chronic halitosis, or extremely foul breath.

To clean teeth and combat bad breath, dental professionals have created a new must-have beauty essential, Fresh-Tips, a portable mouth freshener small enough to fit in a woman’s makeup bag.

The goal of Fresh-Tips, a privately owned brand, is to promote fresh breath and oral health globally. Fresh-Tips Peppermint is a complete mouth freshener with a dual function as a disposable brush in a healthy lollipop format. The bubblegum flavor was introduced next to satisfy the children that like to mimic mom and dad. Fresh-Tips is a great way to also teach young children how to brush.

Dr. Deborah Luis, a dentist from South Florida, along with her husband Rene Luis, founded fresh-Tips. The portable mouth freshener is a disposable toothbrush about two-inches long, which contain rubber bristles and a xylitol mint to cleanse the mouth, teeth, tongue, and gums.

The product is unique because it is used like a lollipop, yet Fresh-tips have an “interdental toothpick” to extract that nasty piece of spinach or stubborn morsel of steak. Best of all, the portable breath freshener can slip easily into a purse or men’s pocket and used anywhere discreetly.

For more information, visit Fresh-Tips or view the attached video above. The Spa Examiner sampled the portable mouth freshener, and preferred it over chewing gum.

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