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For 2014, this is the beginning at Highland Woods Golf Course

In this view of the teeing grounds, three, wood benches are slightly visible. Can you find them?
In this view of the teeing grounds, three, wood benches are slightly visible. Can you find them?
© 2013 Vernon Brookins

Of course on this date, Jan. 15, 2014, the first hole at Highland Woods Golf Course does not appear as in this article’s photo. (Highland Woods Golf Course is at 2775 N. Ela Road in Hoffman Estates, Ill.) Currently, this golf course likely still has snow mounds and ice patches. In the rough areas, there are likely some golf balls frozen to the ground.

Highland Woods Golf Course’s, first hole is par four. The teeing grounds are Gold, Blue, White and Red. From my experience, Gold teeing ground markers look more like yellow than gold (paint), and such is the case at Highland Woods. (No teeing ground markers contain gold plating or are solid gold.)

The average distance to the putting green from the rearmost, Gold teeing ground is 417 yards. Four hundred ten yards is the average distance from the Blue teeing ground. From the White teeing ground, the average distance is 396 yards. Three hundred fifty-four yards is the average distance from the front, Red teeing ground. This hole has a #8, course hole handicap.

This hole’s teeing grounds and fairway point southwest. Since this is a par four hole, the fairway does not extend to Arizona or even Oklahoma. However, you may wish that you were now in Arizona playing golf.

Containing undulating terrain, and sloping downhill, this straight fairway is wide. The trees on the left side are more closely spaced than the trees on the right side. The trees on the right side are younger than the ones on the left side. No sand bunkers or water hazards are along the fairway.

The three-lobed putting green is moderate size. It has two sand bunkers, one of each side. Both of these bunkers have three lobes. They are medium size.

When weather permits, you may wish to begin the 2014 season at Highland Woods Golf Course. (It is easier to get to this golf course using cars or taxis than it is using public transportation.) Highland Woods Golf Course is near Schaumburg, Ill., which has numerous places where you can purchase golf equipment.

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