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Footwear Brand Soludos Launches First Brand Video - Summer Love Inspiration

As a welcome taste of summer, Soludos founder Nick Brown and close friend and director Will Armstrong have teamed up to present a vision of summer discovery.

Soludos founder Nick Brown

The 90-second artistic collaboration is an embodiment of the eternal summer spirit that Soludos has become known for. The Soludos crew descended on the stunning Canary Islands of Tenerife and Fuerteventura, located 22 miles off the coast of Morocco. With their black sand beaches, winding mountainous roads, desert dunes, banana plantations and turquoise waters, these magical isles are some of the most breathtaking places on earth.

“Will is an old friend and we’ve been working together for ages. So what began as an idea over a few beers in the city grew into this crazy adventure and beautiful piece,” says Nick of Will, who recently won a Young Director Award at Cannes Lions Film Festival.

The video is a celebration of the arrival of Spring and gives the viewer a teaser of the warm days ahead. “So much of the Soludos story and my own story is about summer wanderlust. I wanted to create something that captured what we love most about summer – travel, escape, the characters, and of course a bit of summer lovin.” Nick says he pulls inspiration while traveling from local music, colors, fabrics, and fashion but finds spending time with the locals the most inspiring. “It gives me a fresh perspective and reminds me to remove myself from the day-to-day and think big picture.”

While filming on a remote beach, Nick and Will befriended the owner of a local banana plantation. “He gave us a tour of his farm and let us shoot there. He had this amazing little house and deck overlooking an endless sea of banana leaves that faded off into the horizon. We spent the afternoon hanging out with him, his family, and his trusted pooch weaving in and out of the banana leaves.”

Nick hopes this video will become an annual tradition. “I’m not sure where will be next but I can assure you it will be off the beaten path. I’ve got my eye on the North of Brazil or Mozambique at the moment…”

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