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Footprints On History

There are those who have left an endurable mark in history, then there are those countless souls who remain forever unknown, but in their own inevitable way managed to ensure lasting legacies. It was in the year 1129 his name was Jeremiah one of countless nameless faces that played an important part during the Second Crusade and helped forge one of histories most fascinating sects, The Knights Templar. Some 900 years later the world is once again set ablaze where ideologies and religions continue their violent struggle for supremacy. To retrace the steps that have shaped this violent world we have today one must relate from the past the constant struggle between Christianity and Islam that really began at the beginning of the first Crusade in 1096 AD.

In modern times before the spring of 2011, otherwise known as the Arab spring, we have to go back to the end of World War I where Palestine was populated my a mix of Arabs and Jews living in peaceful coexistence. When the British invoked the Balfour Rothchilds Agreement that provided for an entirely Jewish state in Palestine contrary to the groundwork that Lawrence of Arabia had already laid was a direct violation of international law regarding countries and populations living under a military mandate. From then on the flames of violent protests have continued despite the many attempts to bring lasting peace along the Gaza strip. One can arguably state that the first Gulf War was the spark that further ignited the wrath of many Islamic nations that have led the world to the brink of chaos. In 2011 once again the world was put on notice when distention and discord uprooted whole societies to rebel against the tyrannical rule of many Arab leaders. Now, one of the biggest concerns we have to date is whether the United States who is already involved militarily and financially in major conflicts through-out the Mid-East can be effective in concluding the turmoil that already has been going on since the end of World War I.

Questions have to be asked. Is there one sinister force that has triggered all this upheaval? And why now? It seems that ever since the dawn of man the Mid-East has been ravaged by the brutality of war. Nations inner turmoil has ignited the global flame of terror and destruction against man and nature. The malicious intent of certain leaders and factions continue to inflict atrocities upon the masses. Evil intentions or not individuals who have remained in power and control for too long or extremists whose radical doctrine continue to display more contempt and ruthless abandonment for the sanctity of life have brought the world closer to an unimaginable end. Another sobering question arises: are all these atrocities being orchestrated by certain individuals or an organization with a larger agenda in mind?

This, the 21st century is supposed to be an age of enlightenment, a transformation of the body and sole of individuals everywhere transported out of the cave of the Neanderthal and into the age of peace, tranquility, and benevolence toward all living things. Instead mankind remains transfixed where the greed of man continues to shadow over the good intentions of so many. The shroud of deception and deceit lingers like a dense London fog over much of the world today. Again, who or what is moving whole societies in a direction of more suffering and upheaval? To really answer these elusive questions we must look to history to find the facts that have put mankind of a collision course with a predetermined destiny far removed from the hopes and dreams of so many. Jeremiah was one individual, a link in the chain of events that forged our history to what it is today.

The year was 1129 AD was when the Knights Templar were officially recognize by the Catholic Church. At that time they were about to be the major fighting force in securing the Holly Lands. The order of the Knights Templar, the poor soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon, as they were called became the most effective military force of the Crusades for the Catholic Church. This know fact became what many now believe as the origin of the order of the "Brotherhood" who would become known as members of the Freemasons and the Illuminati. We must remember that the Templar Knights were not all fighting men. A large number controlled what was to become the largest and most extensive banking system the world has known. Jeremiah was one of the key founding knights known for his astute accounting practices that helped forge the Templars great wealth. To this day International Bankers continue to use the concepts of monetary transactions that Jeremiah first used as member of the Templar Knights.

Through-out the course of history individuals, organizations, nations and religions have all kept hidden secrets and treasures that to this day are still unaccounted for. The fact that the Templar Knights for over two hundred years managed to acquire enormous wealth was a credit to their organization and implementation of ingenuity in manners of finance. It wasn't until the Catholic Church began a covert betrayal in destroying the vary organization that gave the Vatican vast amounts of treasures and wealth captured from the first Crusade that the Knights treasures and wealth were being hidden away. In fact to this day the Vatican may still purposely be withholding some of histories most intriguing mysteries concerning the demise of the Knights Templar and the rise of the Illuminati. Bits and pieces of history are now coming together to reveal that the betrayal of the Catholic Church against the Knights Templar was the one single event that triggered the movement toward a combined unification of latter Freemasons and the Illuminati.

Since 300 AD the Catholic Church as been expanding it's influence to every nation in Europe and the rest of the world. In 380 AD the Catholic Church became the official religion in the Roman Empire which encompassed most of Europe. For the next 500 years the catholic Church was busy using it's military to carry out the decrees and mandates of the Pope. Through-out this period the Muslims in the East had been steadily encroaching on the land and property of devote Christians. In 732 the battle of Poiters helped stave off the Muslims from dominating the territories of the Western Mediterranean and preserved the Catholic influence there. For the next 200 years the constant battles between the Muslims and the Catholic Church that were carried out with horrendous brutality and savagery continued to escalate. In 1071 the Byzantine Emperor Alexus I asked the Pope for assistance in protecting Christians who continued their pilgrimage to Jerusalem. This was the main focus of the origin of the Knights Templar. Originally 9 Knights whose sole purpose then was to protect those Christians when they were traveling back and forth between Jerusalem. The continuing intolerance from the Muslins who also viewed Jerusalem as their sacred city as well put the Christians in harms way. So began the Order of The Knights Templar.

This same year the Seljuk Turks took control over the city of Jerusalem and started the chain of events that led the Catholic Church to call for an all out crusade to recapture Jerusalem in the name of Christianity. The Templar Knights had already made the area where the remains of King Solomon had built his Temple as their headquarters. In the ensuing 9 years between protecting the pilgrimaging Christians the Templar Knights managed to salvage or confiscate many great artifacts of early Christianity. Some have speculated that the Ark of the Covenant may have been one of the treasures that were taken form Jerusalem to Europe. What is known is the fact that during this time an actual piece of Jesus's cross was uncovered and shown.

In 1079 the Pope issued a mandate to all Christians to form an alliance to rid the city of Jerusalem of Muslin influence. An all out crusade to eradicate the Muslins from the holy land. The people of Europe whose lives were in constant turmoil accepted the challenge of the crusade. The promise of eternal salvation by joining this crusade was a great incentive for the men to take up arms. But what happened to the vast riches of King Solomon's temple? This was the site where the 9 Templar Knights first established themselves in the Holy City. In between guarding the pilgrimaging Christians they continued to transport vast amounts of artifacts out of the city of Jerusalem. Some now believe that they ended in Scotland while others speculate that they may have hidden them in various places scattered throughout Europe. It may have been all long that the Templar Knights during this time with the direct ties that they had with the Catholic Church and the Pope that the hidden artifacts confiscated from the holy temple of King Solomon may have ended up in what is now the Vatican in Rome.

With the retaking of the city of Jerusalem from the Muslims the first crusade ended but the turbulence and tensions between the Christians, the Turks and the rest of the Muslim empire was never eased. They began to fester again to the point that the fall of the holly land from the Christians became inevitable. In 1129 AD the Knights Templar were officially endorsed as the main military force of the Catholic Church by the Pope. By the year 1209 the Catholic Church was trying to regain control of the Holy Land when one of the most ferocious and barbaric massacres in all of history took place sanctioned by the Pope failed to stop the Muslims from still controlling Jerusalem and the Holy Land. Still the Templar Knights had grown more influential and prosperous. From those humble beginnings the Knights had become the wealthiest of all Christian and Crusading orders. In 1307 AD after two centuries of alliance and allegiance to the Catholic Church a dark betrayal brought on by the greed of King Philip IV the Pope ordered the Order of the Templar Knights be dissolved. Most historians agree that this betrayal was the direct result of Philip's IV influence on the Pope in order to destroy the Templar Knights and gain control over their wealth. In 1314 the last grand master of the Templar Knights died while burned at the state. A most horrific end to one of histories most influential organizations that today nations still use the monetary system that the Templar's instituted.

The Pope was pressured to dissolve the Order of the Templar Knights resulting in the arrest of the Templar's. This much historians agree on. But was their an agreement between the Catholic Church and Philip IV to share the wealth of the fallen Templar's? We may never know, but one thing that really stands out is that this betrayal of the Catholic Church triggered a more sinister reprisal that is continuing to unfold today. When in 1307 the Knights Templar fell out of favor with the Pope and consequently triggered massive reprisals against the Knights this was intentional. The Catholic Church and the King of France were successful in the demise of the Templar Knights. But were they successful in garnishing all their wealth? Apparently not! Was this a conspiracy aligned with the French King to reduce the Templar Knights influence and control over most of Europe? Another question arises; What actually happened to all their wealth? All these questions remain unanswered today. But what we know is when the Pope started persecuting the Templar Knights this triggered a resentment that many now believe as the first step in the forming of the Illuminati and the events that are unfolding today.

The aggressiveness of the Catholic Church in sanctioning the First Crusade and their attempts at garnishing the Temples vast wealth through betrayal have led to the violent reprisals of the Islamic nations that we are seeing today. The further splintering of the Islamic religion into more radical ideologies has been brought on by western intervention. The Balfour Agreement is one such example of our intrusion. We have inadvertently contributed to wrath that these radical ideologies continue to impose. A doctrine of hate and disdain for others who have chosen a different path is today the greatest challenge toward securing a lasting global peace. A peace where tolerance and benevolence prevails within all nations.