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Footinho is a free website that allows organizing friendly soccer games and helps finding players nearby on both public and private fields.

Players don’t want restraints

Over the 260 million worldwide players, only 40 million play in a club.

It means that 220 million soccer fans neither have time nor desire to play in a club. Nonetheless gathering several friends to play soccer is complicated.

Playing soccer with friends: a tricky exercise

Gathering at least 10 players for a game is generally complicated. In fact, you have to make several calls, send numerous SMS, and deal with last minute cancellations and refusals.

Footinho simplifies soccer games organization

After free registering on Footinho, in order to create a game, you just have to choose a date and a field.

Then, players’ invitations are made via emails, Facebook or SMS. Players indicate directly on Footinho if they will attend or not, so that everybody can check in real time who attends or not.

If they are players missing, the game status can be changed from “private” to “public” enabling players living nearby to attend.

A free website - is 100% free and always will be. Anybody can sign up and organize or join in games.

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