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Football without Madden

As every sports fan embraces the new season of sports, there is always a painful thorn waiting among the pleasantness and the thorn is time. Our heroes are a year older or have possibly retired. While we see these legends battle on the field, we hardly notice a new wrinkle or two till they finally make a statement that they are leaving the field and surroundings that we have gotten used to seeing them in.

Towards the beginning of this season, football fans were shocked to hear that commentating legend John Madden was retiring. Madden was not only a head coach but many have considered him the voice of football. His name is also legendary in the realm of videogames as his "Madden" football games continue to dominate sales every year. His videogame has also created a television series, following the top players as they challenge each other in the hopes of being the best Madden football videogame player.

While football has gone on, it is different watching football and not hearing Madden's booming voice chiming in with his two cents. So far this season there has been a number of incredible plays that I wondered what Madden's thoughts would have been. While he has a radio show, it just does not seem the same to have to tune into a separate format in order to hear Madden. Sadly, it is understandable to see why our heroes retire, but we also must accept this and remember that we should respect their decisions and not be so selfish.