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Football weight training


Train with power moves to dominate

Football season is upon us.  Football season gives off an eerie vibe, it comes alive, and you can feel it run through your veins. 

How do these phenomenal athletes get in the proper shape to help avoid injury and increase performance?

Unfortunately, there is no one single cut and dry answer.  Every strength coach has his own opinion on the details, but the basics and where every athlete should begin is to add size(muscle not fat), strength, and speed. 

This is accomplished by focusing on power movements and movements involving the posterior chain (glutes, hamstrings, etc.). 

Below are the basic movements every player should incorporate into their football training.

  1. Deadlift Variations
  2. Squat Variations
  3. Hyperextension and eccentric hamstring work
  4. Olympic lifts (power cleans, snatches, and variations thereof) with perfect form - consult with a lifting coach
  5. Bench Press Variations

By performing variations of these core lifts in your football weight training, three to four times per week, with proper form, you will put on slabs of muscle, gain speed, and be a powerhouse on the gridiron.

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